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Prepping For Your Cruise

The cruise industry continues to boom, and no wonder: Cruises can be the most enjoyable and exciting vacations you'll ever take, combining luxury with adventure in a way that no other vacation could possibly match. Cruises are so popular more and more of them are being offered every year. If we had to offer one single piece of advice, we'd say: Prepare. To get deeper into that, we have to break it up into a few pieces of related advice that all come to be doing your own due diligence to ensure that your cruise is as great as it can be.



Research the Trip


You want to know a few things about your cruise before you arrive at the port. Things like the weather forecast for where you're going - will it be clear skies and sun, or is a hurricane out in the Atlantic going to cause some rainy days? That doesn't mean you can't have fun anyway, but knowing is half the battle - you'll be prepared.


Celebrity Solstice
Celebrity Solstice in Port Melbourne, Australia.


Similarly, find out how long you'll be in different ports. Knowing the duration of your stay means you can plan your time efficiently, as opposed to making one certain port the centerpiece of your vacation only to discover you're only staying a few hours there. If you want to maximize your time in any port, request the latest dinner time you can get from the ship on that day.


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Be Stingy with Excursions


Cruise lines always want you to pay for excursions. They're a great profit source for them - but you don't always need an excursion. Be critical and look at what you're really getting out of them. If all you want to do is walk around the old town, see the main sights, and maybe hit the beach, you don't need the cruise line to set that up for you. A little cash, a guide book, and a hired car and you're set.


Be Careful Shopping


Vacation Mind is a syndrome where you think everything is cheap and an absolute must-have. Budget before you leave and stick to it. It's also a good idea to know the best prices for things beforehand. If you think you're going to want to buy certain things during your port visits, research them before you leave to have an idea of what they usually sell for, and decide ahead of time how many you'll actually buy. If you leave shopping to instinct and the heat of the moment, you'll slip.


Whether it's your first time to book a cruise or you're already an experienced cruise traveler, we at Travel Themes and Dream will help you search for the perfect cruise vacation and make the process as smooth as possible. We'll work with you to guarantee you have the best, yet budget-friendly, cruise experience possible. For more information or to book your cruise contact us.


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